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Cerva Bohemia s. r. o. is the current owner and operator of the Květná glass factory. The entrepreneur Lubor Cerva is the sole shareholder in that company.

Between 2011 and 2018, the Květná glass factory formed part of Crystalite Bohemia, which was established by the entrepreneur Lubor Cerva in 2009 in order to acquire and restart the operation of the glass factory with automated glass manufacture in Světlá nad Sázavou. In 2011 he acquired also the Květná glass factory which complemented, in synergy, the automated manufacture in the Světlá plant by continuing to focus not only on own manual production, but also on decorating products from the automated lines.

At present, the Květná glass factory operates as an independent entity both on the Czech market and abroad, manufacturing and selling its products under the Cerva Bohemia brand.

Our vision is to maintain the traditional manual production of Czech crystal glass in the best possible quality. 

We pride ourselves in high-quality lead-free molten glass, flawless processing, advanced as well as traditional designs. We use advanced technologies particularly in applications where we recognize their contribution to achieving the best possible quality, while maintaining handicraft tradition and uniqueness of manual work.

Our goal is not to spout as many products as possible. That’s why we focus on smaller, unique design collections which stem from our cooperation with leading Czech as well as foreign designers. It is quality rather than quantity that matters to us.


The Květná glass factory is one of the longest running glassworks in our territory. It was constructed in 1794 when it was established by the prince Alois Lichtenstein. The location for the construction was selected very carefully, in the middle of beech wood not far from Uherský Ostroh in the cadastre of the Strání municipality, which is the deposit of high-quality glass sand.

The glassworks equipped with two smelting furnaces offered jobs to people in the close vicinity as well as from other locations in the Lichtenstein domains in Slovakia or Austria. At first, the glass factory focused on the manufacture of plate glass and various domestic glass tableware.

Production of higher-quality and more exclusive types of glass started in the glassworks only in the second half of the 19th century, when the plant was acquired by the Austrian entrepreneur Emanuel Zahn. The new owner built another glass furnace and introduced the manufacture of fine crystal glass decorated with cutting and engraving.

It was Emanuel Zahn who attracted experienced glass makers who brought new techniques and methods of production to the glassworks. This resulted not only in a rapid product quality improvement, but also in a much broader product range and, in particular, an upgrade following the artistic impulses arising from the Vienna artistic circles.

What we can do

We hold in high esteem more than a two-hundred-year tradition of our glass factory. We can combine the old craftsmanship with the latest technology and procedures to offer you the highest possible quality. We offer the widest range of colour glass across Europe – a total of 16 shades. We offer both our own product design, and customised production. We always provide a comprehensive approach from the first product design, through mould production, sampling up to the final production, packaging and shipping.
All products of our glass works can also be decorated using various techniques – by etching, cutting, decoration with precious metals (gold, platinum) or painting, which can be combined with each other.


This technique uses the principle of glass etching, which is not protected by wax. A product is first immersed into wax, then it is left to cool down and afterwards a required pattern is engraved in the wax a machine called “guilloche”. Subsequently, the product is immersed into an acid which etches the previously engraved pattern. The wax is then removed and the required etched pattern remains on the product.


This is machine grinding of a decoration. The machine is equipped with a sanding wheel with a diamond coating for the most accurate cutting and it cuts the desired decoration into glass under a flow of running water.

Decorations with precious metals

Decorations with precious metals are made with 24-carat gold and platinum. The application of gold and platinum is always manual.


Traditional painting procedures and techniques are used, where painters manually decorate products with different types of paints. In this way, mainly floral and ornamental decorations are created, often accompanied by precious metal decorations.

High enamel

A painting technique, whose origins date back to the 18th century, consists in a gradual application of enamel paints, sometimes in combination with precious metals. It reflects the high skill of our decorators.


A stream of sand is blasted onto glass over a rigid template with a reversed appearance of the decoration, and the stream of sand gently cuts a final decoration, such as a logo, into the glass.

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